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Strain: SS.MNS-(D2Chm254-D2Chm161),LEW-(D10Chm246-D10Chm257),LEW-(D16Chm48-D16Chm60),LEW-(D18Rat55-D18Mgh2)/Ayd

Symbol: SS.MNS-(D2Chm254-D2Chm161),LEW-(D10Chm246-D10Chm257),LEW-(D16Chm48-D16Chm60),LEW-(D18Rat55-D18Mgh2)/Ayd
Strain: SS.MNS-(D2Chm254-D2Chm161),LEW-(D10Chm246-D10Chm257),LEW-(D16Chm48-D16Chm60),LEW-(D18Rat55-D18Mgh2)
Substrain: Ayd
RGD ID: 8657361
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_8657361
Ontology ID: RS:0003779
Previously known as: CC(iii); SS.MNS-(D2Chm254-D2Chm161),LEW-(D10Chm246-D10Chm257),LEW-(D16Chm48-D16Chm60),LEW-(D18Rat55-D18Mgh2)/Ayd; congenic combination (iii); C2S.M18/C10S.L28/C16S.L7/C18S.L14
Type: congenic
Source: Research Centre, Centre Hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal (CHUM), Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Origin: A congenic strain derived from the progenitor strain SS.MNS-(D2Chm254-D2Chm161)/Ayd, SS.LEW-(D10Chm246-D10Chm257)/Ayd and SS.LEW-(D16Chm48-D16Chm60)/Ayd and SS.LEW-(D18Rat55-D18Mgh2)/Ayd
Last Known Status: Unknown

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References - curated
# Reference Title Reference Citation
1. Combining distinctive and novel loci doubles BP reduction, reverses diastolic dysfunction and mitigates LV hypertrophy. Crespo K, etal., J Hypertens. 2013 May;31(5):927-35. doi: 10.1097/HJH.0b013e32835edc7e.
2. Genetics of diastolic heart failure. Deng AY J Hypertens. 2013 Dec;31(12):2329-36. doi: 10.1097/HJH.0b013e328365662c.
3. RGD Strain RSO annotation pipeline RGD Automated Pipelines


Additional Information

RGD Curation Notes
Note Type Note Reference
strain_characteristics SS.MNS-(D2Chm254-D2Chm161)/Ayd (C2S.M18) contains Bp364, SS.LEW-(D10Chm246-D10Chm257)/Ayd (C10S.L28) contains Bp312, SS.LEW-(D16Chm48-D16Chm60)/Ayd (C16S.L7) contains Bp347 and SS.LEW-(D18Rat55-D18Mgh2)/Ayd (C18S.L14) contains Bp319 8657131