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Strain: SHR/N-di

Symbol: SHR/N-di
Strain: SHR
Substrain: N
RGD ID: 728189
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_728189
Ontology ID: RS:0000751
Previously known as: SHR/N-di
Type: congenic
Source: NIH Autoimmune Rat Model Repository and Development Center
Origin: Autosomal recessive congenic strain originated from an inbred transfered to NIH in 1966 at F13 from Okamoto. Okamoto, Kyoto School of Medicine, 1963, from outbred Wistar Kyoto male with marked elevation of blood pressure mated to female with slightly elevated blood pressure; brother-sister mating with contin- ued selection for spontaneous hypertension.
Genetic Markers: di (autosomal recessive)
Inbred Generations: F8
Last Known Status: Unknown


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