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Strain: SS.MNS-(Mme-D2Mit14)/Ayd

Symbol: SS.MNS-(Mme-D2Mit14)/Ayd
Strain: SS.MNS-(Mme-D2Mit14)
Substrain: Ayd
RGD ID: 728170
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_728170
Ontology ID: RS:0000890
Alleles: Atp1a1
Also Known As: S.M5; SS.MNS-(Mme-D2Mit14)/Um; SS.MNS-(Mme-D2Mit14)/Ayd; S.MNS-Nep/D2Mit14
Type: congenic
Available Source: Not Available
Origination: Research Centre-CHUM, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Description: Segments from Milan normotensive rat were inserted in thre homologous region of Dahl salt-sensitive, the Atp1a1 gene was from the S strain
Last Known Status: Unknown
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
mRatBN7.22147,686,913 - 189,599,348RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINEmRatBN7.2
Rnor_6.02153,799,203 - 204,585,731RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERnor6.0
Rnor_5.02173,193,501 - 224,018,437RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERnor5.0
RGSC_v3.42153,031,724 - 197,256,313RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERGSC3.4

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Clinical Measurement
mean arterial blood pressure


References - curated
# Reference Title Reference Citation
1. Further chromosomal mapping of a blood pressure QTL in Dahl rats on chromosome 2 using congenic strains. Dutil J and Deng AY, Physiol Genomics 2001 Jun 6;6(1):3-9.
2. Multiple quantitative trait loci for blood pressure interacting epistatically and additively on dahl rat chromosome 2. Dutil J, etal., Hypertension 2005 Apr;45(4):557-64. Epub 2005 Feb 28.
3. Replacement of (alpha)1-Na-K-ATPase of Dahl rats by Milan rats lowers blood pressure but does not affect its activity. Orlov SN, etal., Physiol Genomics 2001 Dec 21;7(2):171-7.
4. RGD Strain RSO annotation pipeline RGD Automated Pipelines


Position Markers

Flank 2 / 1 (D2Mit14)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.22189,599,258 - 189,599,348 (+)MAPPER
Rnor_6.02204,585,642 - 204,585,731NCBI
Rnor_5.02224,018,348 - 224,018,437UniSTS
RGSC_v3.42197,256,223 - 197,256,313RGD
RGSC_v3.42197,256,224 - 197,256,313UniSTS
RGSC_v3.12197,218,978 - 197,219,067RGD
Celera2182,031,620 - 182,031,709UniSTS
RH 3.4 Map21286.7UniSTS
RH 3.4 Map21286.7RGD
RH 2.0 Map2972.5RGD
SHRSP x BN Map272.9299RGD
Cytogenetic Map2q34UniSTS

Flank 1 / 1 (Mme)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.22147,686,913 - 147,803,808 (+)NCBI
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl2147,722,086 - 147,803,792 (+)Ensembl
UTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx2154,412,545 - 154,499,268 (+)NCBI
UTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.02152,461,414 - 152,548,760 (+)NCBI
UTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.02147,094,065 - 147,181,452 (+)NCBI
Rnor_6.02153,799,203 - 153,880,910 (+)NCBI
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl2153,803,349 - 153,880,738 (+)Ensembl
Rnor_5.02173,193,501 - 173,278,946 (+)NCBI
RGSC_v3.42153,031,724 - 153,114,515 (+)NCBI
RGSC_v3.12152,981,686 - 153,064,477 (+)NCBI
Celera2142,009,686 - 142,090,693 (+)NCBI
RH 3.4 Map2955.0RGD
Cytogenetic Map2q31NCBI

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