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Strain: SD-Tg(Ubc-P2ry2)Besey

Symbol: SD-Tg(Ubc-P2ry2)Besey
Strain: SD-Tg(Ubc-P2ry2)
Substrain: Besey
RGD ID: 7247290
Citation ID: RRID:RRRC_00627
Ontology ID: RS:0003452
Alleles: P2ry2
Also Known As: SD-Tg(P2Y2R); SD-Tg(P2ry2)
Type: transgenic
Available Source: Rat Resource and Research Center
Origination: Rat Resource and Research Center
Description: SD embryos were microinjected with a lentiviral construct containing the rat P2ry2 gene (G protein-coupled purinergic receptor P2Y2) under control of an ubiquitin-C promoter. Results in over-expression of P2ry2 mRNA.
Coat Color: albino
Last Known Status: Cryopreserved Sperm (as of 2017-08-22)


References - curated
# Reference Title Reference Citation
1. Development of a novel transgenic rat overexpressing the P2Y(2) nucleotide receptor using a lentiviral vector. Agca C, etal., J Vasc Res. 2009;46(5):447-58. Epub 2009 Jan 21.
2. Data registered by the Rat Resource & Research Center Personal Communication with Rat Resource & Research Center
3. RGD Strain RSO annotation pipeline RGD Automated Pipelines


Additional Information

RGD Curation Notes
Note Type Note Reference
strain_life_disease Glomerulonephropathy, mild nephropathy and mild multifocal mineralization was also observed within the tubular lumen. 2292495
strain_other Rats exibit lymphocytic infiltrates in the exorbital lacrimal gland, kidney and liver. 2292495
strain_reproduction homozygous animals can be mated to Sprague Dawley to generate hemizygous animals that can be intercrossed to generate homozygous animals 2292495

Nomenclature History
Date Current Symbol Current Name Previous Symbol Previous Name Description Reference Status
2017-08-22 SD-Tg(Ubc-P2ry2)Besey    SD-Tg(P2ry2)Besey    Symbol updated 68687 APPROVED
2017-08-22 SD-Tg(Ubc-P2ry2)Besey    SD-Tg(P2ry2)Besey    Symbol updated 68687 APPROVED

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