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Strain: HsdCpb:WU

Symbol: HsdCpb:WU
Strain: WU
Substrain: HsdCpb
Full Name: Wistar Wu Rat
RGD ID: 38548927
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_38548927
Ontology ID: RS:0004793
Also Known As: Wistar Unilever; WU rat
Type: outbred
Available Source: ENVIGO
Description: The Wistar rat is selected at the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, USA, prior to 1910. In 1932, from Wistar Institute to Glaxo Laboratory, UK. In 1933, from Glaxo to the Dutch Institution for Nutrition, Amsterdam. In 1941, the Unilever Company, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, obtained a breeding stock from Dutch Institution for Nutrition. Thereafter, the Unilever stock was referred as the Wistar Unilever or WU rat. In 1958, transferred from Unilever to TNO Central Institute for the Breeding of Laboratory Animals. To Harlan Laboratories through acquisition in 1986. Harlan became Envigo in 2015.
Coat Color: White
Last Known Status: Unknown

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Albuminuria  (IAGP)


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