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Strain: BBDR.F344-(D4Mgh24-D4Rhw6),BBDP-(D4Rhw6-D4Rhw10)/Rhw

Symbol: BBDR.F344-(D4Mgh24-D4Rhw6),BBDP-(D4Rhw6-D4Rhw10)/Rhw
Strain: BBDR.F344-(D4Mgh24-D4Rhw6),BBDP-(D4Rhw6-D4Rhw10)
Substrain: Rhw
RGD ID: 14695004
Citation ID: RRID:RRRC_00458
Ontology ID: RS:0004745
Type: congenic
Source: Rat Resource and Research Center
Origin: 3 Mb of F344 DNA introgressed on Chr.4 between D4Mgh24 (73.75 Mb) and D4Rhw6 (76.83 Mb), and BB diabetes prone (DP) DNA introgressed from D4Rhw6 to D4Rhw10 (the most distal marker the end of the chromosome)
Last Known Status: Cryopreserved Embryo; Cryopreserved Sperm; Cryorecovery (as of 2019-06-27)

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Mammalian Phenotype
periinsulitis  (IAGP)


References - curated
# Reference Title Reference Citation
1. Genetic Dissection Reveals Diabetes Loci Proximal to the Gimap5 Lymphopenia Gene. Fuller JM, etal., Physiol Genomics. 2009 Apr 7.


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