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Fine mapping of thymus enlargement gene 1 (Ten1) in BUF/Mna rats.

Authors: Ye, C  Murakumo, Y  Higo, K  Matsuyama, M 
Citation: Ye C, etal., Pathol Int 2000 Mar;50(3):185-90.
RGD ID: 70859
Pubmed: PMID:10792781   (View Abstract at PubMed)

Two polymeric autosomal loci, Ten1 and Ten2, regulate thymus enlargement in BUF/Mna (B) rats. Previously, we mapped Ten1 on chromosome (Chr) 1 to a 20 cM region between Myl2 and D1Mgh11, and Ten2 on Chr 13. To further characterize the precise position of Ten1, 34 and 37 microsatellite markers, that have a polymorphism between the B and WYK (W) and between the B and MITE (M) strains, were used for linkage analysis of thymus enlargement in 105 (WBF1 x B) blackcross (BC) and 78 (B x BMF1) BC rats, respectively. Our data showed that the D1Rat168, D1Rat112, D1Rat323, D1Got186, D1Got187 and D1Got188 markers each gave a peak logarithm of odds (LOD) score of 10.68 for linkage to the thymus ratio in (WBF1 x B) BC rats, and that the D1Rat168, D1Rat197, D1Got184, D1Got186 and D1Got188 markers each gave a peak LOD score of 7.82 in (B x BMF1) BC rats. The two LOD score peaks are coincident in the position of the rat genetic map. All of the markers mentioned above are located in the region between Igf2 and D1Mgh11, in which synteny is conserved with human 11q15.5 and the distal end of mouse Chr 7 or with human 11q13 and the proximal end of mouse Chr 19. Genes existing in these regions are discussed as candidate genes for Ten1.

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WKY/NCrlCrlj BUF/Mna

Objects Annotated

Thym1  (Thymus enlargement QTL 1)
Thym2  (Thymus enlargement QTL 2)
Thym3  (Thymus enlargement QTL 3)
Thym4  (Thymus enlargement QTL 4)

BUF/Mna  (NA)
MITE/Mna  (NA)
WKY/NCrlCrlj  (NA)

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