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A genomic-systems biology map for cardiovascular function.

Authors: Stoll, M  Cowley AW, JR  Tonellato, PJ  Greene, AS  Kaldunski, ML  Roman, RJ  Dumas, P  Schork, NJ  Wang, Z  Jacob, HJ 
Citation: Stoll M, etal., Science 2001 Nov 23;294(5547):1723-6.
RGD ID: 70849
Pubmed: PMID:11721057   (View Abstract at PubMed)
DOI: DOI:10.1126/science.1062117   (Journal Full-text)

With the draft sequence of the human genome available, there is a need to better define gene function in the context of systems biology. We studied 239 cardiovascular and renal phenotypes in 113 male rats derived from an F2 intercross and mapped 81 of these traits onto the genome. Aggregates of traits were identified on chromosomes 1, 2, 7, and 18. Systems biology was assessed by examining patterns of correlations ("physiological profiles") that can be used for gene hunting, mechanism-based physiological studies, and, with comparative genomics, translating these data to the human genome.

Disease Annotations    

Objects Annotated

Bp199  (Blood pressure QTL 199)
Bp200  (Blood pressure QTL 200)
Bp201  (Blood pressure QTL 201)
Bp202  (Blood pressure QTL 202)
Bp203  (Blood pressure QTL 203)
Bp204  (Blood pressure QTL 204)
Bp205  (Blood pressure QTL 205)
Bp206  (Blood pressure QTL 206)
Bp207  (Blood pressure QTL 207)
Bp208  (Blood pressure QTL 208)
Bp209  (Blood pressure QTL 209)
Bp210  (Blood pressure QTL 210)
Bp211  (Blood pressure QTL 211)
Bp212  (Blood pressure QTL 212)
Bp213  (Blood pressure QTL 213)
Bp214  (Blood pressure QTL 214)
Bp215  (Blood pressure QTL 215)
Bp216  (Blood pressure QTL 216)
Bp217  (Blood pressure QTL 217)
Bp218  (Blood pressure QTL 218)
Bp219  (Blood pressure QTL 219)
Bp220  (Blood pressure QTL 220)
Bp221  (Blood pressure QTL 221)
Bp222  (Blood pressure QTL 222)
Bp223  (Blood pressure QTL 223)
Bp224  (Blood pressure QTL 224)
Bp225  (Blood pressure QTL 225)
Bp226  (Blood pressure QTL 226)
Bp227  (Blood pressure QTL 227)
Bp228  (Blood pressure QTL 228)
Bp229  (Blood pressure QTL 229)
Bp230  (Blood pressure QTL 230)
Bp231  (Blood pressure QTL 231)
Bp232  (Blood pressure QTL 232)
Bp233  (Blood pressure QTL 233)
Bp234  (Blood pressure QTL 234)
Bp235  (Blood pressure QTL 235)
Bp236  (Blood pressure QTL 236)
Bp237  (Blood pressure QTL 237)
Bp238  (Blood pressure QTL 238)
Bw24  (Body weight QTL 24)
Bw25  (Body weight QTL 25)
Bw26  (Body weight QTL 26)
Bw27  (Body weight QTL 27)
Cm29  (Cardiac mass QTL 29)
Cm30  (Cardiac mass QTL 30)
Cm31  (Cardiac mass QTL 31)
Hrtrt11  (Heart rate QTL 11)
Hrtrt12  (Heart rate QTL 12)
Hrtrt13  (Heart rate QTL 13)
Hrtrt14  (Heart rate QTL 14)
Hrtrt15  (Heart rate QTL 15)
Hrtrt16  (Heart rate QTL 16)
Kidm10  (Kidney mass QTL 10)
Kidm11  (Kidney mass QTL 11)
Kidm9  (Kidney mass QTL 9)
Rf27  (Renal function QTL 27)
Rf28  (Renal function QTL 28)
Rf29  (Renal function QTL 29)
Rf30  (Renal function QTL 30)
Rf31  (Renal function QTL 31)
Rf32  (Renal function QTL 32)
Rf33  (Renal function QTL 33)
Rf34  (Renal function QTL 34)
Rf35  (Renal function QTL 35)
Rf36  (Renal function QTL 36)
Rf37  (Renal function QTL 37)
Rf38  (Renal function QTL 38)
Rf39  (Renal function QTL 39)
Rf40  (Renal function QTL 40)
Rf41  (Renal function QTL 41)
Rf42  (Renal function QTL 42)
Rf43  (Renal function QTL 43)
Rf44  (Renal function QTL 44)
Rf45  (Renal function QTL 45)
Scl25  (Serum cholesterol level QTL 25)
Scl26  (Serum cholesterol level QTL 26)
Scl27  (Serum cholesterol level QTL 27)
Scl28  (Serum cholesterol level QTL 28)
Srn4  (Serum renin concentration QTL 4)
Srn5  (Serum renin concentration QTL 5)
Wbc2  (White blood cell count QTL 2)

BN/SsNHsd  (NA)
SS/JrHsdMcwi  (NA)

Objects referenced in this article
QTL Cardf1 Cardiac cell morphology QTL 1 Rattus norvegicus

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