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Mouse MP Annotation Import Pipeline

Citation: RGD automated import pipeline
RGD ID: 5509061
Web Url: ftp://ftp.informatics.jax.org/pub/reports/MGI_PhenoGenoMP.rpt

Mammalian Phenotype (MP) annotations were downloaded for RGD mouse genes and QTLs from the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) ftp site. The file "All Genotypes and Mammalian Phenotype Annotations", MGI_PhenoGenoMP.rpt, was downloaded and parsed. Annotated objects from the incoming file were matched to RGD gene or QTL records via the MGI ID and MP IDs were associated with those RGD objects. Because the association is based on phenotyping data for specific alleles, the evidence code IAGP (inferred from association of genotype and phenotype) was used for all annotations. The PubMed ID of the originating reference was assigned as "XREF_SOURCE".