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Blood pressure and proteinuria effects of multiple quantitative trait loci on rat chromosome 9 that differentiate the spontaneously hypertensive rat from the Dahl salt-sensitive rat.

Authors: Toland, EJ  Yerga-Woolwine, S  Farms, P  Cicila, GT  Saad, Y  Joe, B 
Citation: Toland EJ, etal., J Hypertens. 2008 Nov;26(11):2134-41.
RGD ID: 2302803
Pubmed: PMID:18854752   (View Abstract at PubMed)
DOI: DOI:10.1097/HJH.0b013e32830ef95c   (Journal Full-text)

A blood pressure (BP) quantitative trait locus (QTL) was previously located within 117 kb on rat chromosome 9 (RNO9) using hypertensive Dahl salt-sensitive and normotensive Dahl salt-resistant rats. An independent study between two hypertensive rat strains, the Dahl salt-sensitive rat and the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR), also detected a QTL encompassing this 117 kb region. Dahl salt-sensitive alleles in both of these studies were associated with increased BP. To map SHR alleles that decrease BP in the Dahl salt-sensitive rat, a panel of eight congenic strains introgressing SHR alleles onto the Dahl salt-sensitive genetic background were constructed and characterized. S.SHR(9)x3B, S.SHR(9)x3A and S.SHR(9)x2B, the congenic regions of which span a portion or all of the 1 logarithm of odds (LOD) interval identified by linkage analysis, did not significantly alter BP. However, S.SHR(9), S.SHR(9)x4A, S.SHR(9)x7A, S.SHR(9)x8A and S.SHR(9)x10A, the introgressed segments of which extend distal to the 1 LOD interval, significantly reduced BP. The shortest genomic segment, BP QTL1, to which this BP-lowering effect can be traced is the differential segment of S.SHR(9)x4A and S.SHR(9)x2B, to which an urinary protein excretion QTL also maps. However, the introgressed segment of S.SHR(9)x10A, located outside of this QTL1 region, represented a second BP QTL (BP QTL2) having no detectable effects on urinary protein excretion. In summary, the data suggest that there are multiple RNO9 alleles of the SHR that lower BP of the Dahl salt-sensitive rat with or without detectable effects on urinary protein excretion and that only one of these BP QTLs, QTL1, overlaps with the 117 kb BP QTL region identified using Dahl salt-sensitive and Dahl salt-resistant rats.

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Strains with Phenominer Data Strains with phenominer dataStrains with phenominer data
SS/Jr SS.SHR-(D9Wox16-D9Rat64)/Mco SS.SHR-(D9Mco74-D9Rat64)/Mco
SS.SHR-(D9Mco72-D9Mco93)/Mco SS.SHR-(D9Wox16-D9Rat76)/Mco SS.SHR-(D9Wox16-D9Mco77)/Mco
SS.SHR-(D9Wox16-D9Mco73)/Mco SS.SHR-(D9Wox16-D9Mco85)/Mco SS.SHR-(D9Rat7-D9Mco93)/Mco

Objects referenced in this article
Marker D9Mco88 D9Mco88 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco93 D9Mco93 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco73 D9Mco73 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco87 D9Mco87 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco92 D9Mco92 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco82 D9Mco82 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco90 D9Mco90 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco84 D9Mco84 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco79 D9Mco79 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco72 D9Mco72 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco80 D9Mco80 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco76 D9Mco76 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco94 D9Mco94 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco83 D9Mco83 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco85 D9Mco85 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco78 D9Mco78 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco81 D9Mco81 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco91 D9Mco91 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco86 D9Mco86 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco89 D9Mco89 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco74 D9Mco74 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco77 D9Mco77 Rattus norvegicus
Marker D9Mco75 D9Mco75 Rattus norvegicus
QTL Bp108 Blood pressure QTL 108 Rattus norvegicus
QTL Bp284 Blood pressure QTL 284 Rattus norvegicus
QTL Bp332 Blood pressure QTL 332 Rattus norvegicus
QTL Bp34 Blood pressure QTL 34 Rattus norvegicus
QTL Cm28 Cardiac mass QTL 28 Rattus norvegicus
Strain SS.SHR-(D9Wox16-D9Mco73)/Mco null Rattus norvegicus
Strain SS.SHR-(D9Wox16-D9Mco77)/Mco null Rattus norvegicus

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