RGD Reference Report - Human RNA-seq data from Gtex - Rat Genome Database

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Human RNA-seq data from Gtex

Citation: Human expression data from Gtex
RGD ID: 21081543
Web Url: https://storage.googleapis.com/gtex_analysis_v8/rna_seq_data/GTEx_Analysis_2017-06-05_v8_RNASeQCv1.1.9_gene_tpm.gct.gz

TPM expression values were loaded from the Gtex database. Genes in download file were matched to RGD genes via the Ensembl gene ID. Gtex file is accessible at https://storage.googleapis.com/gtex_analysis_v8/rna_seq_data/GTEx_Analysis_2017-06-05_v8_RNASeQCv1.1.9_gene_tpm.gct.gz