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Marker: D2Mit1

Symbol: D2Mit1
Previously known as: oxsts4868; MIT1025; 
RGD ID: 33943
Expected Size: 202 (bp)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
mRatBN7.225,873,489 - 5,873,687 (+)MAPPERmRatBN7.2
Rnor_6.023,127,441 - 3,127,638NCBIRnor6.0
Rnor_5.023,124,965 - 3,125,162UniSTSRnor5.0
RGSC_v3.423,429,702 - 3,429,900RGDRGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.423,429,703 - 3,429,900UniSTSRGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.123,449,072 - 3,449,439RGD
Celera22,336,440 - 2,336,639UniSTS
Is Marker For: Strains:   ACI/N   AVN/Orl   BBDR/Rhw   BBDP/Rhw   BC/CpbU   BDIX/Han   BDVII/Cub   BN-Lx/Cub   BN/SsNHsd   BP/Cub   BUF/Pit   COP/OlaHsd   DA/PitN   FHH/Eur   F344/Pit   GH/Omr   GK/KyoSwe   DON/Melb   M520/N   IS/Kyo   WN/N   LH/Mav   LE/Mol   LEW/Pit   LOU/CHan   LN/Mav   MHS/Gib   MNR/N   MNRA/N   MNS/Gib   MR/Pit   NEDH/K   NP9   ODU/N   OKA/Wsl   OM/Ztm   P5C   PVG/Pit   SD/Rij   SHR/OlaHsd   SR/Jr   SHRSP/Riv   SS/Jr   WAG/RijKyo   WF/Pit   WIST/Nhg   WKY/OlaHsd   WTC/Kyo  
QTLs:   Bp36  


References - curated
# Reference Title Reference Citation
1. Data downloaded from Wellcome Trust, University of Oxford Data downloaded from Wellcome Trust, University of Oxford
2. Genome scan and congenic strains for blood pressure QTL using Dahl salt-sensitive rats. Garrett MR, etal., Genome Res 1998 Jul;8(7):711-23
3. UniSTS Pipeline RGD automated pipelines

Strains and Sequence



Nucleotide Sequences
GenBank Nucleotide AJ230938 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer   Search GEO for Microarray Profiles

QTLs in Region (mRatBN7.2)
The following QTLs overlap with this region.    Full Report CSV TAB Printer Gviewer
RGD IDSymbolNameLODP ValueTraitSub TraitChrStartStopSpecies
631682Bp115Blood pressure QTL 1154.30.0001arterial blood pressure trait (VT:2000000)systolic blood pressure (CMO:0000004)2137410502Rat
738010Lnnr3Liver neoplastic nodule remodeling QTL 32.94liver integrity trait (VT:0010547)liver remodeling tumorous lesion number (CMO:0001461)2141244106Rat
61355Bp36Blood pressure QTL 362.9blood pressure trait (VT:0000183)systolic blood pressure (CMO:0000004)25873687102844969Rat

Additional Information

Database Acc Id Source(s)
NCBI Gene 326371 UniSTS
UniSTS 239481 UniSTS