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Gene: Alb (albumin) Rattus norvegicus
Symbol: Alb
Name: albumin
RGD ID: 2085
Description: Enables several functions, including fatty acid binding activity; modified amino acid binding activity; and zinc ion binding activity. Involved in several processes, including positive regulation of circadian sleep/wake cycle, non-REM sleep; response to biphenyl; and response to platinum ion. Located in basement membrane and extracellular space. Used to study familial hyperlipidemia. Biomarker of Reye syndrome; obstructive jaundice; and protein-energy malnutrition. Human ortholog(s) of this gene implicated in several diseases, including blood protein disease; hepatobiliary system cancer (multiple); hyperthyroxinemia; middle cerebral artery infarction; and psoriasis. Orthologous to human ALB (albumin); PARTICIPATES IN forkhead class A signaling pathway; organophosphate response pathway; INTERACTS WITH (+)-schisandrin B; (R)-lipoic acid; (R,R,R)-alpha-tocopherol.
Type: protein-coding
Previously known as: Alb1; Albza; serum albumin
RGD Orthologs
Green Monkey
Naked Mole-Rat
Alliance Orthologs
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Latest Assembly: mRatBN7.2 - mRatBN7.2 Assembly
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCr81417,891,564 - 17,907,043 (-)NCBIGRCr8
mRatBN7.21417,607,397 - 17,622,814 (-)NCBImRatBN7.2mRatBN7.2
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl1417,607,381 - 17,622,836 (-)EnsemblmRatBN7.2 Ensembl
UTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx1417,592,501 - 17,607,638 (-)NCBIRnor_SHRUTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx
UTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.01418,911,425 - 18,926,564 (-)NCBIRnor_SHRSPUTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.0
UTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.01417,610,395 - 17,625,561 (-)NCBIRnor_WKYUTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.0
Rnor_6.01419,176,275 - 19,191,793 (-)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl1419,176,277 - 19,191,863 (-)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.01419,083,045 - 19,098,563 (-)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.41419,126,935 - 19,142,214 (-)NCBIRGSC3.4RGSC_v3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.11419,126,964 - 19,142,199 (-)NCBI
Celera1416,973,318 - 16,987,975 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map14p22NCBI
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Disease Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View
Acute Coronary Syndrome  (ISO)
acute kidney failure  (ISO)
Acute Liver Failure  (ISO)
Acute Lung Injury  (IDA)
adult respiratory distress syndrome  (ISO)
Albuminuria  (IEP,ISO)
alcoholic hepatitis  (ISO)
allergic disease  (ISO)
Analbuminemia  (ISO)
angioedema  (ISO)
Animal Disease Models  (ISO)
anuria  (ISO)
aseptic meningitis  (ISO)
autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura  (ISO)
azoospermia  (ISO)
biliary tract benign neoplasm  (ISO)
blood protein disease  (ISO)
brain disease  (ISO)
Brain Injuries  (ISO)
brain ischemia  (ISO)
Burns  (ISO)
Carcinoid Tumor  (ISO)
cardiovascular system disease  (ISO)
Chemical and Drug Induced Liver Injury  (ISO)
Chemically-Induced Disorders  (ISO)
cholangiocarcinoma  (ISO)
cholestasis  (ISO)
Chronic Allograft Nephropathy  (ISO)
Colorectal Neoplasms  (ISO)
congestive heart failure  (ISO)
Delayed Hypersensitivity  (ISO)
depressive disorder  (ISO)
diabetic angiopathy  (ISO)
Diabetic Nephropathies  (IEP,ISO)
Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions  (ISO)
echinococcosis  (ISO)
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome arthrochalasia type 1  (ISO)
end stage renal disease  (ISO)
epilepsy  (ISO)
esophageal varix  (ISO)
Experimental Arthritis  (ISO)
Experimental Liver Cirrhosis  (IEP,ISO)
Experimental Sarcoma  (ISO)
extrahepatic cholestasis  (ISO)
Familial Dysalbuminemic Hyperthyroxinemia  (ISO)
familial hyperlipidemia  (IAGP)
Fibrosis  (ISO)
gastric cardia adenocarcinoma  (ISO)
genetic disease  (ISO)
glomerulonephritis  (ISO)
Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome  (ISO)
heart disease  (ISO)
hemolytic-uremic syndrome  (ISO)
Hepatic Insufficiency  (ISO)
hepatitis  (ISO)
hepatocellular carcinoma  (ISO)
Hepatomegaly  (ISO)
HIV Seropositivity  (ISO)
human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease  (ISO)
Hydrops Fetalis  (ISO)
hypertension  (ISO)
hyperthyroxinemia  (ISO)
Hypoalbuminemia  (ISO)
Hypoproteinemia  (IAGP,ISO)
Hypotension  (ISO)
interstitial nephritis  (ISO)
Keloid  (ISO)
kidney disease  (ISO)
leukemia  (ISO)
liver cirrhosis  (ISO)
lung adenocarcinoma  (ISO)
Lung Injury  (ISO)
lung non-small cell carcinoma  (ISO)
membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis  (ISO)
membranous glomerulonephritis  (ISO)
middle cerebral artery infarction  (ISO)
multiple myeloma  (ISO)
muscular disease  (ISO)
Myocardial Reperfusion Injury  (ISO)
nephritis  (ISO)
nephrosis  (ISO)
nephrotic syndrome  (ISO)
obstructive jaundice  (IEP)
Occupational Diseases  (ISO)
Pain  (ISO)
pancreas disease  (ISO)
pancreatic cancer  (ISO)
pancreatic ductal carcinoma  (ISO)
Pancreatic Fistula  (ISO)
pancreatitis  (ISO)
Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation  (ISO)
Perennial Allergic Rhinitis  (ISO)
pneumonia  (ISO)
Poisoning  (ISO)
Postoperative Complications  (ISO)
pre-eclampsia  (ISO)
primary biliary cholangitis  (ISO)
protein-energy malnutrition  (IEP)
proteinuria  (ISO)
psoriasis  (ISO)
pulmonary emphysema  (ISO)
Reperfusion Injury  (IEP)
respiratory system disease  (ISO)
Reye syndrome  (IEP)
root caries  (ISO)
Sepsis  (ISO)
Serum Sickness  (ISO)
Stevens-Johnson syndrome  (ISO)
Stomach Neoplasms  (ISO)
Stroke  (ISO)
suppurative otitis media  (ISO)
thrombocytopenia  (ISO)
twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome  (ISO)
ulcerative colitis  (ISO)
urticaria  (ISO)
uveitis  (ISO)
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome  (ISO)

Gene-Chemical Interaction Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View
(+)-schisandrin B  (EXP)
(1->4)-beta-D-glucan  (ISO)
(E)-1,3-dichloropropene  (ISO)
(R)-lipoic acid  (EXP,ISO)
(R,R,R)-alpha-tocopherol  (EXP,ISO)
(S)-colchicine  (EXP,ISO)
(S)-naringenin  (ISO)
(S)-nicotine  (EXP,ISO)
1,1-dichloroethene  (ISO)
1,2-benzoquinone  (EXP,ISO)
1,2-dimethylhydrazine  (ISO)
1,2-naphthoquinone  (ISO)
1,3-dinitrobenzene  (EXP)
1,4-benzoquinone  (EXP,ISO)
1,4-naphthoquinone  (ISO)
1-[(2,3,4-trimethoxyphenyl)methyl]piperazine  (ISO)
1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene  (ISO)
1-Cyano-2-hydroxy-3-butene  (EXP,ISO)
17alpha-ethynylestradiol  (EXP,ISO)
17beta-estradiol  (EXP,ISO)
2,2',4,5'-Tetrabromodiphenyl ether  (ISO)
2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxine  (EXP,ISO)
2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid  (EXP)
2,4-D  (ISO)
2,4-dibromophenyl 2,4,5-tribromophenyl ether  (EXP,ISO)
2,6-dihydroxybenzoic acid  (ISO)
2,6-dinitrotoluene  (EXP)
2-acetamidofluorene  (EXP)
2-amino-2-deoxy-D-galactopyranose  (EXP)
2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucopyranose  (EXP)
2-fluorobenzoic acid  (ISO)
2-Methoxy-4-methylphenol  (ISO)
2-methoxyethanol  (EXP)
2-propionyl-6-dimethylaminonaphthalene  (ISO)
3'-amino-3'-deoxy-N(6),N(6)-dimethyladenosine  (EXP,ISO)
3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
3,3',5,5'-tetrabromobisphenol A  (ISO)
3,3',5-triiodo-L-thyronine  (ISO)
3,4-dihydroxy-9,10-dioxo-9,10-dihydroanthracene-2-sulfonic acid  (ISO)
3,5-diethoxycarbonyl-1,4-dihydrocollidine  (ISO)
3,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid  (ISO)
3-Amino-1-methyl-5H-pyrido[4,3-b]indole  (ISO)
3-chloropropane-1,2-diol  (EXP)
3-fluorobenzoic acid  (ISO)
3-phenylprop-2-enal  (ISO)
3H-1,2-dithiole-3-thione  (EXP)
4,4'-diisothiocyano-trans-stilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid  (ISO)
4,4'-methylene-bis-(2-chloroaniline)  (EXP)
4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol  (ISO)
4-aminophenol  (EXP)
4-Ethyl-2-methoxyphenol  (ISO)
4-fluorobenzoic acid  (ISO)
4-hydroxynon-2-enal  (ISO)
4-hydroxyphenyl retinamide  (ISO)
4-nitroaniline  (EXP)
4-nitrophenol  (EXP,ISO)
5,5-dimethyl-1-pyrroline N-oxide  (ISO)
5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine  (EXP)
5-azacytidine  (ISO)
5-butyl-1-cyclohexylbarbituric acid  (ISO)
5-fluorouracil  (ISO)
5-formyltetrahydrofolic acid  (ISO)
6-propyl-2-thiouracil  (EXP)
7,12-dimethyltetraphene  (ISO)
7,8-dihydroxycoumarin  (EXP)
8-Br-cAMP  (ISO)
9-anthroic acid  (ISO)
abacavir  (ISO)
acetamide  (EXP)
acetohexamide  (ISO)
acetylcholine  (ISO)
acetylsalicylic acid  (ISO)
acid red 29  (ISO)
acrolein  (ISO)
afimoxifene  (ISO)
aflatoxin B1  (EXP)
alcohol  (ISO)
aldehydo-D-glucosamine  (EXP)
aldehydo-D-glucose  (EXP,ISO)
aldosterone  (ISO)
alfacalcidol  (ISO)
all-trans-retinal  (ISO)
all-trans-retinoic acid  (EXP,ISO)
all-trans-retinol  (ISO)
allicin  (ISO)
alpha-amanitin  (ISO)
aluminium atom  (ISO)
aluminium(0)  (ISO)
amiloride  (EXP)
aminoguanidine  (EXP,ISO)
amiodarone  (ISO)
ammonium chloride  (EXP)
amphetamine  (EXP)
amsacrine  (ISO)
aniline  (EXP,ISO)
anthracen-2-amine  (EXP)
anthraflavic acid  (ISO)
apocynin  (EXP)
aristolochic acid A  (EXP,ISO)
arotinoid acid  (ISO)
arsane  (EXP)
arsenic atom  (EXP)
arsenous acid  (ISO)
astaxanthin  (EXP)
atazanavir sulfate  (ISO)
atrazine  (EXP,ISO)
auranofin  (ISO)
Azaspiracid  (ISO)
azathioprine  (EXP)
bafilomycin A1  (ISO)
baicalin  (ISO)
barium chloride  (EXP)
barium sulfate  (EXP)
benoxaprofen  (ISO)
bentazone  (EXP)
benzalkonium chloride  (ISO)
benzene  (EXP,ISO)
benzo[a]pyrene  (ISO)
benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide I  (ISO)
berberine  (EXP)
beta-D-glucosamine  (EXP)
beta-naphthoflavone  (ISO)
bilirubin IXalpha  (EXP,ISO)
biphenyl-4-amine  (ISO)
bis(2-chloroethyl) sulfide  (EXP,ISO)
bis-4-nitrophenyl phosphate  (EXP,ISO)
bisphenol A  (EXP,ISO)
bleomycin A2  (EXP)
Brevetoxin B  (ISO)
bromobenzene  (EXP)
Bromocresolgreen  (ISO)
buta-1,3-diene  (ISO)
butachlor  (ISO)
butane-2,3-dione  (EXP,ISO)
butyric acid  (ISO)
C60 fullerene  (ISO)
cadmium atom  (EXP,ISO)
cadmium dichloride  (EXP,ISO)
caffeine  (EXP)
calcium silicate  (ISO)
Calphostin C  (ISO)
camptothecin  (ISO)
capsaicin  (ISO)
carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide  (ISO)
carbaryl  (EXP,ISO)
carbendazim  (EXP)
carbofuran  (EXP,ISO)
carbon nanotube  (ISO)
carnosic acid  (ISO)
carnosine  (ISO)
celecoxib  (EXP)
ceric oxide  (EXP,ISO)
cerium trichloride  (ISO)
ceruletide  (EXP)
chenodeoxycholic acid  (ISO)
CHIR 99021  (ISO)
chlordecone  (EXP,ISO)
chlorogenic acid  (EXP,ISO)
chlorohydrocarbon  (ISO)
chloromethylisothiazolinone  (ISO)
chlorpyrifos  (ISO)
cholesterol  (EXP)
choline  (EXP)
chromium trioxide  (EXP)
chrysazin  (ISO)
chrysin  (EXP)
cisplatin  (EXP,ISO)
clofibrate  (EXP,ISO)
clozapine  (EXP,ISO)
cobalt atom  (EXP,ISO)
cobalt dichloride  (EXP)
colforsin daropate hydrochloride  (EXP)
copper atom  (EXP,ISO)
copper(0)  (EXP,ISO)
copper(II) chloride  (ISO)
copper(II) sulfate  (EXP)
corosolic acid  (ISO)
cortisol  (ISO)
crocidolite asbestos  (ISO)
crotonaldehyde  (ISO)
Cuprizon  (EXP)
curcumin  (EXP)
cyanuric acid  (EXP)
cyclosporin A  (EXP,ISO)
cyfluthrin  (EXP)
cylindrospermopsin  (ISO)
cypermethrin  (EXP)
D-glucose  (EXP,ISO)
dehydroacetic acid  (EXP)
deoxycholic acid  (ISO)
deoxynivalenol  (ISO)
dexamethasone  (EXP,ISO)
dextran sulfate  (ISO)
Di-n-octyl phthalate  (ISO)
diarsenic trioxide  (ISO)
diazepam  (ISO)
diazinon  (ISO)
diazoxon  (ISO)
dibenziodolium  (ISO)
dicamba  (EXP)
dichlorvos  (ISO)
diclofenac  (EXP,ISO)
diclofop-methyl  (ISO)
dicofol  (ISO)
dicoumarol  (ISO)
dicrotophos  (ISO)
didanosine  (ISO)
diethylstilbestrol  (EXP)
dihydroartemisinin  (ISO)
diisopropyl fluorophosphate  (EXP,ISO)
dimethoate  (ISO)
dimethyl sulfoxide  (EXP,ISO)
dimethylarsinic acid  (ISO)
dioxygen  (EXP,ISO)
diphenylmethane-4,4'-diisocyanate  (EXP,ISO)
disodium selenite  (EXP)
dithionitrobenzoic acid  (ISO)
donepezil hydrochloride  (ISO)
dorsomorphin  (ISO)
doxorubicin  (EXP,ISO)
ecothiopate iodide  (ISO)
efavirenz  (ISO)
elemental selenium  (EXP)
ellagic acid  (ISO)
emtricitabine  (ISO)
endosulfan  (ISO)
entinostat  (ISO)
enzyme inhibitor  (ISO)
Erionite  (ISO)
estriol  (ISO)
ethanol  (EXP,ISO)
ethylisopropylamiloride  (ISO)
ethylmercuric chloride  (ISO)
etomidate  (ISO)
fenofibrate  (ISO)
fenoprofen  (ISO)
fenvalerate  (EXP)
ferric ammonium citrate  (ISO)
ferroheme b  (ISO)
ferulic acid  (ISO)
fipronil  (EXP)
flavonoids  (EXP)
flucloxacillin  (ISO)
flurbiprofen  (ISO)
folic acid  (EXP,ISO)
formaldehyde  (EXP)
fructosamine  (ISO)
fructose  (ISO)
furan  (EXP)
furosemide  (ISO)
gallic acid  (EXP)
gamma-tocopherol  (EXP)
genistein  (EXP)
gentamycin  (EXP)
Ginkgoic acid  (EXP)
Ginkgolide A  (ISO)
gliclazide  (EXP,ISO)
glucose  (EXP,ISO)
glutathione  (ISO)
glyburide  (ISO)
glycerol  (ISO)
glycidol  (EXP)
glycidyl methacrylate  (ISO)
glycine betaine  (EXP)
glycochenodeoxycholic acid  (ISO)
glycocholic acid  (ISO)
glycodeoxycholic acid  (ISO)
glycyrrhetinate  (ISO)
glycyrrhetinic acid  (ISO)
glycyrrhizinic acid  (ISO)
glyphosate  (EXP,ISO)
gold atom  (ISO)
gold(0)  (ISO)
guaiacol  (ISO)
guanidine  (ISO)
gusperimus  (ISO)
halothane  (ISO)
heme b  (ISO)
hemin  (ISO)
heptachlor  (ISO)
hesperetin  (EXP)
hesperidin  (ISO)
Hexachloro-1,3-butadiene  (EXP)
hexadecanoic acid  (ISO)
hexaflumuron  (EXP)
homocysteine  (EXP)
huperzine A  (ISO)
hyaluronic acid  (ISO)
hydralazine  (ISO)
hydrogen chloride  (EXP)
hydrogen peroxide  (EXP,ISO)
hydrogen sulfide  (ISO)
hydrogencarbonate  (ISO)
hydroquinone  (ISO)
hydroquinone O-beta-D-glucopyranoside  (ISO)
hydroxamic acid  (EXP)
hypericin  (ISO)
ibrutinib  (ISO)
ibuprofen  (ISO)
imidacloprid  (EXP)
imipramine  (ISO)
inulin  (ISO)
irbesartan  (ISO)
irinotecan  (ISO)
iron atom  (ISO)
iron trichloride  (EXP)
iron(0)  (ISO)
iron(III) citrate  (ISO)
isocyanuric acid  (EXP)
isoniazide  (ISO)
isotretinoin  (EXP)
ivermectin  (ISO)
ketamine  (EXP)
ketoconazole  (EXP)
ketoprofen  (ISO)
L-ascorbic acid  (ISO)
L-ascorbic acid 2-phosphate  (ISO)
L-cysteine  (ISO)
lamivudine  (ISO)
lead diacetate  (EXP)
lead oxide  (EXP)
lead(0)  (EXP,ISO)
limonene  (EXP)
lipoic acid  (EXP,ISO)
lipopolysaccharide  (EXP,ISO)
lipoteichoic acid  (ISO)
lithocholic acid  (ISO)
losartan  (ISO)
m-toluic acid  (ISO)
malaoxon  (ISO)
malonaldehyde  (ISO)
mancozeb  (ISO)
maneb  (ISO)
manganese atom  (EXP)
manganese(0)  (EXP)
manganese(II) chloride  (EXP)
mangiferin  (ISO)
mefenamic acid  (ISO)
melamine  (EXP)
melatonin  (EXP)
menadione  (ISO)
menthofuran  (EXP)
meprednisone  (ISO)
mercury atom  (EXP,ISO)
mercury dichloride  (EXP,ISO)
mercury(0)  (EXP,ISO)
mesalamine  (EXP)
metformin  (EXP)
methapyrilene  (ISO)
methimazole  (ISO)
methiocarb  (EXP,ISO)
methotrexate  (EXP,ISO)
methyl beta-cyclodextrin  (EXP)
methylglyoxal  (ISO)
methylmercury chloride  (ISO)
methylmercury(1+)  (EXP)
microcystin RR  (ISO)
microcystin-LR  (EXP,ISO)
mitogen  (EXP)
monocrotaline  (EXP)
montelukast  (EXP)
morphine  (EXP)
Muraglitazar  (ISO)
mycophenolic acid  (ISO)
myricetin  (EXP)
N-acetyl-L-cysteine  (EXP)
N-ethylmaleimide  (EXP)
N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine  (EXP)
N-nitrosodiethylamine  (EXP,ISO)
N-nitrosodimethylamine  (EXP)
N-nitrosomorpholine  (EXP)
N1'-[2-[[5-[(dimethylamino)methyl]-2-furanyl]methylthio]ethyl]-N1-methyl-2-nitroethene-1,1-diamine  (EXP)
naphthalene  (ISO)
naphthalene 1,2-oxide  (ISO)
naproxen  (EXP,ISO)
nefazodone  (ISO)
nelfinavir  (ISO)
nevirapine  (ISO)
nickel atom  (EXP,ISO)
nickel dichloride  (EXP)
nicorandil  (ISO)
nicotine  (EXP,ISO)
nitrofen  (EXP)
nitrogen dioxide  (ISO)
nitrogen mustard  (ISO)
norelgestromin  (ISO)
o-cresol  (ISO)
O-methyleugenol  (ISO)
o-toluic acid  (ISO)
obeticholic acid  (EXP,ISO)
ochratoxin A  (EXP,ISO)
octadecanoic acid  (ISO)
olanzapine  (ISO)
oleic acid  (ISO)
olmesartan  (ISO)
oltipraz  (EXP)
oridonin  (ISO)
ozone  (EXP,ISO)
p-cresol  (ISO)
p-toluic acid  (ISO)
panaxydol  (ISO)
paracetamol  (EXP,ISO)
paraoxon  (ISO)
Paraoxon-methyl  (ISO)
paraquat  (EXP)
parathion  (ISO)
parathion-methyl  (ISO)
PD 0325901  (EXP)
pendimethalin  (ISO)
pentanal  (ISO)
peptidoglycan  (ISO)
perfluorobutanesulfonic acid  (EXP,ISO)
perfluorobutyric acid  (EXP,ISO)
perfluorodecanoic acid  (EXP)
perfluorododecanoic acid  (EXP)
perfluorohexanoic acid  (EXP,ISO)
perfluorooctane-1-sulfonic acid  (ISO)
perfluorooctanoic acid  (EXP,ISO)
perindopril  (EXP,ISO)
permethrin  (EXP)
peroxynitrous acid  (ISO)
phenobarbital  (EXP,ISO)
phenol  (ISO)
phenthoate  (ISO)
phenylhydrazine  (EXP)
phlorizin  (ISO)
phorate  (EXP)
phorbol 13-acetate 12-myristate  (ISO)
phosgene  (ISO)
phosphorus atom  (ISO)
phosphorus(.)  (ISO)
physostigmine  (ISO)
piperine  (EXP)
pirinixic acid  (ISO)
potassium atom  (EXP)
potassium dichromate  (EXP,ISO)
prednisolone  (EXP,ISO)
prednisone  (ISO)
procyanidin B2  (EXP)
profenofos  (ISO)
progesterone  (ISO)
propane-1,2-diol  (ISO)
protein kinase inhibitor  (EXP)
puerarin  (EXP,ISO)
Pyridostigmine bromide  (ISO)
pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate  (ISO)
quartz  (ISO)
quercetin  (EXP,ISO)
quinalphos  (EXP)
quinizarin  (ISO)
quinolone  (ISO)
ranitidine  (EXP)
resveratrol  (EXP,ISO)
retinyl acetate  (ISO)
rhodium atom  (ISO)
ritonavir  (ISO)
rivaroxaban  (EXP)
S-butyl-DL-homocysteine (S,R)-sulfoximine  (EXP)
salicin  (ISO)
salicyl alcohol  (ISO)
salicylates  (ISO)
salicyluric acid  (ISO)
saquinavir  (ISO)
sarin  (EXP,ISO)
saxitoxin  (ISO)
SB 203580  (ISO)
scoparone  (ISO)
selenium atom  (EXP)
sertraline  (ISO)
silicon dioxide  (EXP,ISO)
sodium arsenate  (EXP)
sodium arsenite  (EXP,ISO)
sodium atom  (EXP)
sodium aurothiosulfate  (ISO)
sodium cholate  (EXP)
sodium cyanide  (ISO)
sodium fluoride  (EXP)
sodium sulfite  (ISO)
sorbinil  (ISO)
stavudine  (ISO)
streptozocin  (EXP,ISO)
styrene  (ISO)
styrene oxide  (ISO)
sulfamethoxazole  (ISO)
sulfisoxazole  (ISO)
sulforaphane  (ISO)
sulindac  (EXP)
Sunset Yellow FCF  (ISO)
superoxide  (ISO)
tacrine  (ISO)
tamoxifen  (EXP,ISO)
tanespimycin  (ISO)
tartrazine  (ISO)
telmisartan  (ISO)
terephthalic acid  (EXP)
Tesaglitazar  (ISO)
testosterone  (ISO)
tetrachloroethene  (ISO)
tetrachloromethane  (EXP,ISO)
tetradecanoic acid  (ISO)
thiabendazole  (EXP)
thiacloprid  (EXP)
thimerosal  (ISO)
thioacetamide  (EXP,ISO)
thiophanate-methyl  (ISO)
thyroxine  (ISO)
titanium dioxide  (ISO)
tolbutamide  (ISO)
tolfenamic acid  (ISO)
tolmetin  (ISO)
Tolmetin glucuronide  (ISO)
toluene  (EXP,ISO)
toluene 2,4-diisocyanate  (ISO)
toluene 2,6-diisocyanate  (ISO)
tolvaptan  (ISO)
tremolite asbestos  (ISO)
trichloroethene  (EXP,ISO)
trichostatin A  (ISO)
triphenyl phosphate  (EXP)
Triptolide  (EXP)
troglitazone  (ISO)
tyloxapol  (ISO)
tyrphostin AG 1478  (ISO)
urea  (ISO)
Ursonic acid  (ISO)
valproic acid  (EXP,ISO)
valsartan  (EXP,ISO)
vanadyl sulfate  (ISO)
vancomycin  (ISO)
venlafaxine hydrochloride  (EXP)
vitamin D  (ISO)
vitamin E  (EXP,ISO)
vorinostat  (ISO)
warfarin  (EXP,ISO)
wogonin  (ISO)
XAV939  (ISO)
zalcitabine  (ISO)
zearalenone  (ISO)
zidovudine  (ISO)
zileuton  (ISO)
zinc atom  (EXP,ISO)
zinc oxide  (EXP,ISO)
zinc protoporphyrin  (ISO)
zinc sulfate  (EXP)
zinc(0)  (EXP,ISO)
ziprasidone  (EXP,ISO)
zoledronic acid  (ISO)
zomepirac  (ISO)

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Comparative Map Data
(Rattus norvegicus - Norway rat)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCr81417,891,564 - 17,907,043 (-)NCBIGRCr8
mRatBN7.21417,607,397 - 17,622,814 (-)NCBImRatBN7.2mRatBN7.2
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl1417,607,381 - 17,622,836 (-)EnsemblmRatBN7.2 Ensembl
UTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx1417,592,501 - 17,607,638 (-)NCBIRnor_SHRUTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx
UTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.01418,911,425 - 18,926,564 (-)NCBIRnor_SHRSPUTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.0
UTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.01417,610,395 - 17,625,561 (-)NCBIRnor_WKYUTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.0
Rnor_6.01419,176,275 - 19,191,793 (-)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl1419,176,277 - 19,191,863 (-)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.01419,083,045 - 19,098,563 (-)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.41419,126,935 - 19,142,214 (-)NCBIRGSC3.4RGSC_v3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.11419,126,964 - 19,142,199 (-)NCBI
Celera1416,973,318 - 16,987,975 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map14p22NCBI
(Homo sapiens - human)
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCh38473,404,287 - 73,421,482 (+)NCBIGRCh38GRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh38.p14 Ensembl473,397,114 - 73,421,482 (+)EnsemblGRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh37474,270,004 - 74,287,199 (+)NCBIGRCh37GRCh37hg19GRCh37
Build 36474,488,870 - 74,505,996 (+)NCBINCBI36Build 36hg18NCBI36
Build 34474,635,040 - 74,652,167NCBI
Celera471,629,770 - 71,646,928 (+)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map4q13.3NCBI
HuRef470,081,138 - 70,098,456 (+)NCBIHuRef
CHM1_1474,306,138 - 74,323,296 (+)NCBICHM1_1
T2T-CHM13v2.0476,747,989 - 76,765,185 (+)NCBIT2T-CHM13v2.0
(Mus musculus - house mouse)
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCm39590,608,729 - 90,624,461 (+)NCBIGRCm39GRCm39mm39
GRCm39 Ensembl590,608,756 - 90,624,461 (+)EnsemblGRCm39 Ensembl
GRCm38590,460,870 - 90,476,602 (+)NCBIGRCm38GRCm38mm10GRCm38
GRCm38.p6 Ensembl590,460,897 - 90,476,602 (+)EnsemblGRCm38mm10GRCm38
MGSCv37590,889,915 - 90,905,629 (+)NCBIGRCm37MGSCv37mm9NCBIm37
MGSCv36591,536,101 - 91,551,800 (+)NCBIMGSCv36mm8
Celera588,622,143 - 88,637,838 (+)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map5E1NCBI
cM Map544.7NCBI
(Chinchilla lanigera - long-tailed chinchilla)
Chinchilla AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChiLan1.0NW_0049554479,327 - 21,212 (-)NCBIChiLan1.0ChiLan1.0
(Pan paniscus - bonobo/pygmy chimpanzee)
Bonobo AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
NHGRI_mPanPan1-v2356,641,369 - 56,806,795 (-)NCBINHGRI_mPanPan1-v2
NHGRI_mPanPan1456,829,061 - 56,995,814 (-)NCBINHGRI_mPanPan1
Mhudiblu_PPA_v0450,773,244 - 50,790,474 (-)NCBIMhudiblu_PPA_v0Mhudiblu_PPA_v0panPan3
PanPan1.1456,605,322 - 56,622,418 (-)NCBIpanpan1.1PanPan1.1panPan2
PanPan1.1 Ensembl456,605,322 - 56,622,418 (-)Ensemblpanpan1.1panPan2
(Canis lupus familiaris - dog)
Dog AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
CanFam3.11362,133,747 - 62,169,349 (+)NCBICanFam3.1CanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
CanFam3.1 Ensembl1362,053,814 - 62,294,709 (+)EnsemblCanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
Dog10K_Boxer_Tasha1361,822,278 - 61,838,968 (+)NCBIDog10K_Boxer_Tasha
ROS_Cfam_1.01362,962,229 - 62,978,876 (+)NCBIROS_Cfam_1.0
ROS_Cfam_1.0 Ensembl1362,962,188 - 62,978,873 (+)EnsemblROS_Cfam_1.0 Ensembl
UMICH_Zoey_3.11362,573,750 - 62,590,441 (+)NCBIUMICH_Zoey_3.1
UNSW_CanFamBas_1.01362,066,831 - 62,083,527 (+)NCBIUNSW_CanFamBas_1.0
UU_Cfam_GSD_1.01363,202,547 - 63,219,341 (+)NCBIUU_Cfam_GSD_1.0
(Sus scrofa - pig)
Pig AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
Sscrofa11.1 Ensembl869,531,487 - 69,721,696 (+)EnsemblSscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa11.1869,643,427 - 69,663,152 (+)NCBISscrofa11.1Sscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa10.2873,610,472 - 73,630,119 (-)NCBISscrofa10.2Sscrofa10.2susScr3
Pig Cytomap8q12NCBI
(Chlorocebus sabaeus - green monkey)
Green Monkey AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChlSab1.1721,872,036 - 21,890,095 (+)NCBIChlSab1.1ChlSab1.1chlSab2
ChlSab1.1 Ensembl721,876,132 - 21,891,407 (+)EnsemblChlSab1.1ChlSab1.1 EnsemblchlSab2
Vero_WHO_p1.0NW_023666084909,150 - 931,036 (-)NCBIVero_WHO_p1.0Vero_WHO_p1.0
(Heterocephalus glaber - naked mole-rat)
Naked Mole-Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
HetGla_female_1.0 EnsemblNW_00462473534,104,537 - 34,123,624 (-)EnsemblHetGla_female_1.0HetGla_female_1.0 EnsemblhetGla2
HetGla 1.0NW_00462473534,105,237 - 34,123,479 (-)NCBIHetGla_female_1.0HetGla 1.0hetGla2


Variants in Alb
194 total Variants
miRNA Target Status

Predicted Target Of
Summary Value
Count of predictions:17
Count of miRNA genes:16
Interacting mature miRNAs:17
Prediction methods:Miranda, Rnahybrid, Targetscan
Result types:miRGate_prediction

The detailed report is available here: