Phenominer Database Results (1 results)


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Strain Phenotype Conditions Study Experiment Name Sex Age # of Animals Average Type Value Units SEM SD Method Method Duration Post Insult Time Value Method Notes Record ID Study ID
WKY.SHRSP-(D1Wox29-D1Arb21)/Izm absolute change in systolic blood pressure guanethidine (50 mg/kg/d) (for 21 days) then room temperature (for 0.5 hours) then cold ambient air exposure (4 degrees C) (for 4 hours) Cui ZH, et al., J Hypertens 2004 Nov;22(11):2103-9. arterial blood pressure trait not specified 84 days-112 days 5 serial mean 36.0 mmHg 2.24 5.0 radiotelemetry 16200.0 0 10 s every 5 min 68677 971