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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
15right kidney wet weight to body weight ratioSHR-Chr 8MWF/Rkbmale4.71mg/gunilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)109560unilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)
15right kidney wet weightSHR-Chr 8MWF/Rkbmale1.59gunilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)109556unilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)
15urine albumin excretion rateSHR-Chr 8MWF/Rkbmale37.2mg/dunilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)109565unilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)
15body weightSHR-Chr 8MWF/Rkbmale336.5gunilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)109552unilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)
15plasma cystatin C levelSHR-Chr 8MWF/Rkbmale0.07mg/lunilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)109569unilateral nephrectomy (for 126 days)