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Rat Strains

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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
21heart left ventricle wet weightGH/Omrmale1.69gcontrol condition68329control condition
21mean arterial blood pressureGH/Omrmale155.7mmHgcontrol condition11521control condition
21systolic blood pressureGH/Omrmale190.9mmHgcontrol condition11522control condition
21diastolic blood pressureGH/Omrmale129.5mmHgcontrol condition11523control condition
21heart rateGH/Omrmale365beats/mincontrol condition11524control condition
21body weightGH/Omrmale365.4gcontrol condition11527control condition
21kidney wet weightGH/Omrmale1.22gcontrol condition11525control condition
21heart left ventricle weight to body weight ratioGH/Omrmale4.7mg/gcontrol condition68334control condition