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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
6plasma albumin levelFH/HamSlcmale0.37g/lfasting (for 16 hours)76963fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma triglyceride levelFH/HamSlcmale0.226mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76969fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood hemoglobin levelFH/HamSlcmale16.2g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76950fasting (for 16 hours)
6lung wet weightFH/HamSlcmale1.246gspecific pathogen-free condition71605specific pathogen-free condition
6spleen weight to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale0.167%specific pathogen-free condition71614specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular volumeFH/HamSlcmale58.2flfasting (for 16 hours)76952fasting (for 16 hours)
6body temperatureFH/HamSlcmale37.9degrees Cspecific pathogen-free condition74945specific pathogen-free condition
6both kidneys wet weight as percentage of body weightFH/HamSlcmale0.692%specific pathogen-free condition71610specific pathogen-free condition
6hematocritFH/HamSlcmale52.2%fasting (for 16 hours)76951fasting (for 16 hours)
6brain weight to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale0.636%specific pathogen-free condition71602specific pathogen-free condition
6liver weight as percentage of body weightFH/HamSlcmale2.653%specific pathogen-free condition71608specific pathogen-free condition
6systolic blood pressureFH/HamSlcmale156mmHgspecific pathogen-free condition74943specific pathogen-free condition
6lung weight to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale0.452%specific pathogen-free condition71606specific pathogen-free condition
6liver wet weightFH/HamSlcmale7.324gspecific pathogen-free condition71607specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma creatinine levelFH/HamSlcmale0.25mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76972fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total cholesterol levelFH/HamSlcmale74mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76966fasting (for 16 hours)
6both adrenal glands wet weightFH/HamSlcmale43mgspecific pathogen-free condition71611specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma glucose levelFH/HamSlcmale124mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76965fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart rateFH/HamSlcmale429beats/minspecific pathogen-free condition74944specific pathogen-free condition
6brain wet weightFH/HamSlcmale1.752gspecific pathogen-free condition71601specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentrationFH/HamSlcmale31g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76954fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart wet weightFH/HamSlcmale0.922gspecific pathogen-free condition71603specific pathogen-free condition
6both kidneys wet weightFH/HamSlcmale1.91gspecific pathogen-free condition71609specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular hemoglobinFH/HamSlcmale18.1pgfasting (for 16 hours)76953fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma high density lipoprotein cholesterol levelFH/HamSlcmale48.6mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76967fasting (for 16 hours)
6both testes wet weightFH/HamSlcmale2.751gspecific pathogen-free condition71615specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma low density lipoprotein cholesterol levelFH/HamSlcmale8mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76968fasting (for 16 hours)
6both testes wet weight to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale0.997%specific pathogen-free condition71616specific pathogen-free condition
6spleen wet weightFH/HamSlcmale0.46gspecific pathogen-free condition71613specific pathogen-free condition
6both adrenal glands weight to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale15.6mg/100gspecific pathogen-free condition71612specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightFH/HamSlcmale285.9gspecific pathogen-free condition70691specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightFH/HamSlcmale156gspecific pathogen-free condition70689specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightFH/HamSlcmale104.7gspecific pathogen-free condition70690specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma urea nitrogen levelFH/HamSlcmale7.0329mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76971fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total protein levelFH/HamSlcmale57mg/mlfasting (for 16 hours)76962fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood basophil count to total leukocyte count ratioFH/HamSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76978fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma phosphate levelFH/HamSlcmale8.1mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76973fasting (for 16 hours)
6activated partial thromboplastin timeFH/HamSlcmale14.7sfasting (for 16 hours)76958fasting (for 16 hours)
6prothrombin timeFH/HamSlcmale15.9sfasting (for 16 hours)76957fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood eosinophil count to total leukocyte count ratioFH/HamSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76979fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood lymphocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioFH/HamSlcmale86%fasting (for 16 hours)76982fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood monocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioFH/HamSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76983fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma calcium levelFH/HamSlcmale9.9mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76974fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alkaline phosphatase activity levelFH/HamSlcmale500IU/lfasting (for 16 hours)76961fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine chloride levelFH/HamSlcmale73mEq/L0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948900.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine potassium excretion rate to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale112uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948890.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine chloride excretion rate to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale99uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948910.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6red blood cell countFH/HamSlcmale0.896x 10E6 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)76949fasting (for 16 hours)
6white blood cell countFH/HamSlcmale3.1x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)76955fasting (for 16 hours)
6platelet countFH/HamSlcmale922x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)76956fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total bilirubin levelFH/HamSlcmale0.11mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76970fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma sodium levelFH/HamSlcmale147.3mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76975fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma potassium levelFH/HamSlcmale4.11mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76976fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma chloride levelFH/HamSlcmale105mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76977fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma aspartate aminotransferase activity levelFH/HamSlcmale89U/lfasting (for 16 hours)76959fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alanine aminotransferase activity levelFH/HamSlcmale42U/lfasting (for 16 hours)76960fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine potassium levelFH/HamSlcmale82.3mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948880.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium levelFH/HamSlcmale61mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948860.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volumeFH/HamSlcmale14.72ml/d0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948840.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium excretion rate to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale0.002324uEq/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948870.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volume to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale0.0392ul/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948850.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6blood segmented neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioFH/HamSlcmale15%fasting (for 16 hours)76981fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma albumin to plasma total protein ratioFH/HamSlcmale1.9fasting (for 16 hours)76964fasting (for 16 hours)
6non-specified leukocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioFH/HamSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76984fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood band neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioFH/HamSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76980fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart weight to body weight ratioFH/HamSlcmale3.34g/kgspecific pathogen-free condition71604specific pathogen-free condition