Phenominer Database Results (1 results)


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Strain Phenotype Conditions Study Experiment Name Sex Age # of Animals Average Type Value Units SEM SD Method Method Site Method Duration Post Insult Time Value Method Notes Clinical Measurement Notes Record ID Study ID
LEW mean arterial blood pressure controlled sodium content diet (0.2 %) (for 14 days) then controlled sodium content diet (2 %) (between 31 and 50 days) Chauvet C, et al., J Hypertens. 2008 May;26(5):893-901. arterial blood pressure trait male 66 days-78 days 6 serial mean 95.0 mmHg 3.0 7.35 intra-aortic abdominal radiotelemetry abdominal aorta 1036800 0 telemetry probe model PA-D70, Data Sciences, St. Paul, MN average of 24 hour averages over 12 days 12736 304