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Study IDStudyExperiment NameExperiment NotesStrain Ont IDStrainSexAge# of AnimalsSample NotesClinical Measurement Ont IDPhenotypeFormulaClinical Measurement NotesAverage TypeValueUnitsSEMSDMethod Ont IDMethodMethod SiteMethod DurationMethod NotesPost Insult TypePost Insult Time ValuePost Insult Time UnitConditionsRecord IDCondition 1aCondition 1b
850Griffiths MM, et al., Arthritis Rheum 2000 Jun;43(6):1278-89blood immunoglobulin amountRS:0000239DA/Bklboth126 days to 66 days105CMO:0001278calculated serum anti-porcine type 2 collagen antibody titertiter190.58556.0MMO:0000075enzyme linked immunosorbent assay0.0variableimmunized10daystype II collagen (2 mg/kg) and Freund's incomplete adjuvant (50 %) 69962type II collagen (2 mg/kg) Freund's incomplete adjuvant (50 %)