Study ID,Study,Experiment Name,Experiment Notes,Strain Ont ID,Strain,Sex,Age,# of Animals,Sample Notes,Clinical Measurement Ont ID,Phenotype,Formula,Clinical Measurement Notes,Average Type,Value,Units,SEM,SD,Method Ont ID,Method,Method Site,Method Duration,Method Notes,Post Insult Type,Post Insult Time Value,Post Insult Time Unit,Conditions,Record ID,Condition 1,Condition 2 101,"Bilusic M, et al., Croat Med J. 2008 Oct;49(5):586-99.",arterial blood pressure trait,,RS:0001672,BN.GH-(D2Rat22-D2Mgh11)(D6Mit12-D6Rat15)(D18Rat41-D18Mgh4)/Mcwi,male,169 days to 155 days,16,,CMO:0000009,mean arterial blood pressure,,,serial mean,93.5,mmHg,2.15,8.6,MMO:0000015,radiotelemetry,left femoral artery,10 seconds every two minutes for 4 hrs/day every other day for 23 days,"Dataquest IV system; anesthetized by 1% isoflurane, recover for 3 days",,,,controlled sodium chloride content diet (0.4 %) (for 3 days) then controlled sodium chloride content diet (4 %) (for 23 days),11560,controlled sodium chloride content diet (0.4 %) (for 3 days),controlled sodium chloride content diet (4 %) (for 23 days)