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milk fat amount +    
blood triglyceride amount +   
liver triglyceride amount 
milk cholesterol amount 
milk diacylglycerol amount 
milk fatty acid amount +  
milk monoacylglycerol amount 
milk phospholipid amount 
milk polyphenol amount 
milk retinol amount 
milk total fat amount 
milk triglyceride amount 
The proportion, quantity, or volume in milk of this molecule, glycerol esterified at each of its three hydroxyl groups by a fatty acid.
muscle triglyceride amount 

Exact Synonyms: milk triglyceride content
Related Synonyms: milk triacylglycerol concentration ;   milk triacylglycerol content ;   milk triglyceride concentration
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, VTO:INRA

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