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intramuscular adipose amount (VT:0010044)
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abdominal adipose amount +   
epaxial muscle morphology trait +  
extraocular muscle morphology trait 
hypaxial muscle morphology trait +  
intermuscular adipose amount 
internal adipose amount 
intramuscular adipose amount +   
The proportion, quantity, or volume of fat-storing cells/tissue present within skeletal muscle.
laryngeal muscle morphology trait 
liver adipose amount 
masticatory muscle morphology trait +  
pectoralis muscle morphology trait +  
pharyngeal muscle morphology trait 
skeletal muscle cellular composition trait +  
skeletal muscle fiber morphology trait +  
skeletal muscle myosin isoform amount +  
skeletal muscle size trait +  
subcutaneous adipose amount +   
tongue muscle morphology trait 
white adipose mass +   

Exact Synonyms: intramuscular fat amount ;   intramuscular fat content
Related Synonyms: intramuscular adipose percentage ;   marbling
Definition Sources:, VTO:CP

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