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perivascular macrophage morphology trait (VT:0008242)
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alveolar macrophage morphology trait 
arteriole morphology trait +  
artery morphology trait +   
blood vessel elastic tissue morphology trait +   
blood vessel endothelial cell morphology trait +  
blood vessel smooth muscle morphology trait +   
blood-brain barrier morphology trait 
blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier morphology trait 
capillary morphology trait +  
cerebrovascular system morphology trait +  
choroid blood vessel morphology trait 
conjunctival blood vessel morphology trait 
kidney blood vessel morphology trait +   
Kupffer cell morphology trait 
lung blood vessel morphology trait +  
macrophage quantity 
metallophilic macrophage morphology trait 
microglial cell morphology trait 
peritoneal macrophage morphology trait 
perivascular macrophage morphology trait 
Any measurable or observable characteristic related to the shape, structure, color, or pattern of macrophages that line the small blood vessels.
retina blood vessel morphology trait 
spleen marginal zone macrophage morphology trait 
stria vascularis blood vessel morphology trait 
vein morphology trait +  

Definition Sources: PMID:16322748

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