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heart muscle morphology trait (VT:0005329)
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endocardium morphology trait 
eye muscle morphology trait +  
heart atrium morphology trait +  
heart elastic fiber morphology trait 
heart integrity trait +  
heart molecular composition trait +   
heart muscle morphology trait +  
Any measurable or observable characteristic related to the shape, structure, color or pattern of the striated, involuntary muscle comprising the myocardium.
heart orientation trait 
heart septum morphology trait +  
heart size trait +   
heart valve morphology trait +  
heart ventricle morphology trait +   
impulse conducting system morphology trait +  
interventricular groove morphology trait 
muscle cell morphology trait +  
muscle cellular composition trait +  
muscle molecular composition trait +  
muscle nerve fiber organization trait 
muscle nerve fiber quantity 
pericardium morphology trait +  
skeletal muscle mechanoreceptor morphology trait +  
skeletal muscle morphology trait +   
smooth muscle morphology trait +   
tendon morphology trait 

Exact Synonyms: cardiac muscle morphology trait ;   myocardial morphology trait ;   myocardium morphology trait
Xrefs: MP:0005329
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8

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