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interventricular groove morphology trait (VT:0004032)
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endocardium morphology trait 
heart atrium morphology trait +  
heart elastic fiber morphology trait 
heart integrity trait +  
heart molecular composition trait +   
heart muscle morphology trait +  
heart orientation trait 
heart septum morphology trait +  
heart shape trait 
heart size trait +   
heart valve morphology trait +  
heart ventricle morphology trait +   
impulse conducting system morphology trait +  
interventricular groove morphology trait 
Any measurable or observable characteristic related to the shape, structure, color or pattern of the indentation dividing the two ventricles, comprised of the sulcus interventricularis anterior and the sulcus interventricularis posterior.
pericardium morphology trait +  

Exact Synonyms: interventricular sulcus morphology trait
Definition Sources: RGD:ms

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