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hippocampus morphology trait (VT:0000807)
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amygdala morphology trait 
auditory cortex morphology trait +  
cerebrum morphology trait +   
fornicate gyrus morphology trait +  
hippocampus morphology trait +  
Any measurable or observable characteristic related to the shape, structure, color, or pattern of the deep lying structure of the cerebrum involved with memory storage and spatial navigation.
hypothalamus morphology trait +  
lateral septum morphology trait +  
lateral ventricle morphology trait +  
nucleus accumbens morphology trait 
olfactory lobe morphology trait +  
orbitofrontal cortex morphology trait 
parahippocampal gyrus morphology trait 
striatum morphology trait +  
superior temporal gyrus morphology trait 
telencephalon cell quantity 

Definition Sources: ISBN:0-12-402035-6, MP:0000807

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