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ansa lenticularis +  
capsule of medial geniculate body 
dorsal thalamus +  
epithalamus +  
habenular commissure 
habenulo-interpeduncular tract of diencephalon 
mammillothalamic axonal tract 
medial forebrain bundle telencephalon 
nucleus of thalamus +  
optic tract +  
peduncle of diencephalon +  
peduncle of thalamus +  
posterior commissure 
postoptic commissure +  
radiation of thalamus +  
stratum zonale of thalamus 
The thalamus consists chiefly of gray substance, but its upper surface is covered by a layer of white substance, named the stratum zonale.
stria medullaris 
thalamic fiber tract +  
thalamic glomerulus 
tract of the postoptic commissure 
ventral thalamus +  
zona limitans intrathalamica 

Exact Synonyms: neuraxis stratum ;   stratum zonale thalami
Related Synonyms: stratum zonale of the thalamus
Xrefs: BAMS:SZ ;   DHBA:12085 ;   FMA:83905 ;   HBA:265505326 ;   Wikipedia:Stratum_zonale_of_thalamus ;   birnlex:1727 ;   neuronames:374
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Stratum_zonale_of_thalamus

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