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rat strain +     
advanced intercross line +   
chromosome altered +   
coisogenic strain +   
congenic strain +   
conplastic strain +   
Conplastic strains are strains in which the nuclear genome from one strain has been introduced into the cytoplasm of another, either by backcrossing (in which the mitochondrial donor is always the female parent) or by direct nuclear transfer into an enucleated zygote.
consomic strain +   
hybrid strain +   
inbred strain +   
mutant strain +   
outbred strain +   
recombinant inbred strain +   
segregating inbred strain +   
transchromosomal strain 
transgenic strain +   
Wild +   

Definition Sources: "Guidelines_for_Nomenclature_of_Mouse_and_Rat_Strains" "Guidelines_for_Nomenclature_of_Mouse_and_Rat_Strains"

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