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altered glycoprotein signaling pathway +    
altered signaling pathway pertinent to the brain and nervous system +   
gasotransmitter mediated signaling pathway +  
melatonin signaling pathway 
neuron-to-neuron signaling pathways +    
neurotrophic factor signaling pathway +   
Notch signaling pathway +    
Reelin signaling pathway +    
The reelin signaling pathway regulates neuronal positioning and may also play a role in synaptic plasticity. The reelin gene appears to be downregulated in schizophrenic brains but the link between the reelin pathway and the disease remains to be established.

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sensory system signaling pathway +    
thyroid hormone signaling pathway 
Wnt signaling pathway +    

Related Synonyms: PID:200062
Definition Sources: PMID:12764038, PMID:14715136, PMID:14993361

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