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abnormal bicarbonate homeostasis (MP:0031393)
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abnormal bicarbonate homeostasis +   
anomaly in the processes involved in the maintenance of an internal equilibrium of bicarbonate within the body or between a cell and its external environment; bicarbonate is a polyatomic anion with the chemical formula HCO3- that serves a crucial role in the physiological pH buffering system
abnormal calcium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal chloride level +   
abnormal choline level +   
abnormal copper homeostasis +   
abnormal erythrocyte ion transport +   
abnormal iron homeostasis +   
abnormal magnesium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal manganese homeostasis +   
abnormal nitrate level +   
abnormal nitrite level +  
abnormal phosphate level +   
abnormal plasma anion gap +   
abnormal potassium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal renal phosphate reabsorption  
abnormal sodium ion homeostasis +   
abnormal urine organic anion level +   
abnormal urine organic cation level  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal HCO3- homeostasis ;   abnormal hydrogencarbonate homeostasis
Definition Sources: CHEBI:17544,

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