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abnormal anterior inferior cerebellar artery morphology 
abnormal aorta morphology +   
abnormal brachiocephalic trunk morphology +   
abnormal carotid artery morphology +   
abnormal celiac artery morphology +   
abnormal cerebral artery morphology +   
abnormal circle of Willis morphology 
abnormal common iliac artery morphology +  
abnormal coronary artery morphology +   
abnormal kidney arterial blood vessel morphology +   
abnormal retina arteriole morphology +  
abnormal retina artery morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the central retinal artery that branches off the ophthalmic artery, running inferior to the optic nerve within its dural sheath to the eyeball; this artery provides the majority of the retinal arterial supply except for the layer of cones and rods; it splits into multiple terminal branches within the ninth layer of retina, which then comprise a cobweb of retinal arterioles and capillaries that nourishes the inner retinal layers
abnormal spiral modiolar artery morphology +   
abnormal spleen trabecular artery morphology 
abnormal subclavian artery morphology +   
abnormal testicular artery morphology +   
abnormal uterine artery morphology  
abnormal vertebral artery morphology +   
increased retina vascular tortuosity +   
inverse situs of great intrathoracic arteries  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal Zinn artery morphology ;   abnormal central retinal artery morphology ;   abnormal retinal artery morphology
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