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abnormal larynx morphology +   
abnormal lung morphology +   
abnormal nose morphology +   
abnormal paranasal sinus morphology +   
abnormal pharynx morphology +   
abnormal pleura morphology +   
abnormal pleural cavity morphology  
abnormal respiratory epithelium morphology +   
abnormal respiratory system development +   
abnormal respiratory tract brush cell morphology  
abnormal sputum morphology +  
any anomaly in the gross appearance or other physical characteristics of sputum, that is, the material expectorated (coughed up) from the respiratory system, including its color, consistency, taste, and smell; sputum is composed of mucus but may contain other substances such as pus, blood, microorganisms, and fibrin in disease states
abnormal trachea morphology +   
decreased respiratory system tumor incidence 
increased respiratory system tumor incidence +