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abnormal infrapatellar fat pad morphology (MP:0030880)
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abnormal abdominal fat pad morphology +   
abnormal femoral fat pad morphology +   
abnormal infrapatellar fat pad morphology  
any structural anomaly of the partly adipose wedge-shaped mass formed in the anterior region of the knee that is intracapsular but extrasynovial (and thus extra-articular); it extends superiorly from the patella and alar folds to the tibia and infrapatellar bursa and is delimited anteriorly by the patellar ligament and joint capsule and posteriorly by the synovial membrane
abnormal interscapular fat pad morphology +   
abnormal mammary fat pad morphology +   
abnormal pericardial fat pad morphology 
abnormal subscapular fat pad morphology 
abnormal total fat pad weight +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal Hoffa fat pad morphology
Definition Sources: PMID:25018130

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