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adipose tissue necrosis  
bone necrosis 
cardiac muscle necrosis +   
colonic necrosis  
dental pulp necrosis  
detached periodontal ligament 
embryo tissue necrosis +   
epidermal necrosis  
gangrene +   
gastric necrosis  
hepatic necrosis +   
increased number of epithelial cell rests of Malassez  
lacrimal gland necrosis  
lymph node necrosis  
outer ear necrosis 
pancreas necrosis  
periodontal ligament hypercellularity  
periodontal ligament necrosis  
morphological changes resulting from pathological death of periodontal ligament tissue; usually due to irreversible damage
placenta necrosis +   
pulmonary necrosis +   
renal necrosis +   
skeletal muscle necrosis +   
tail necrosis  

Exact Synonyms: necrotic periodontal ligament
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