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abnormal tooth placode morphology (MP:0030510)
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abnormal cementum development +   
abnormal dental follicle morphology  
abnormal dental lamina morphology  
abnormal dental mesenchyme morphology  
abnormal dental papilla morphology  
abnormal dentin development +   
abnormal enamel development +   
abnormal enamel organ morphology +   
abnormal tooth eruption +   
abnormal tooth mineralization +   
abnormal tooth placode morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the local thickening that is formed within the primary dental lamina and grows into a solid epithelial tooth bud that invades the underlying mesenchyme; the placodes consist of thickened epithelium and underlying neural crest derived mesenchyme, and they function as the first signaling centers of the tooth
abnormal tooth root development  
arrest of tooth development  
growth retardation of incisors  
growth retardation of molars  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal dental anlage morphology ;   abnormal dental placode morphology ;   abnormal dental primordium morphology ;   abnormal odontogenic placode morphology ;   abnormal tooth anlage morphology ;   abnormal tooth primordium morphology
Definition Sources: GO:0060790,, PMID:26755699

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