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abnormal dentoalveolar joint morphology (MP:0030492)
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abnormal alveolar process morphology +   
abnormal craniofacial suture morphology +   
abnormal dental arch morphology +   
abnormal dentoalveolar joint morphology 
any structural anomaly of the specialized peg-in-socket fibrous joint between the root of a tooth and the socket in the maxilla or mandible; this type of joint permits very limited or no movement under normal conditions and is functionally classified as a synarthrosis
abnormal mandible morphology +   
abnormal maxilla morphology +   
abnormal symphysis morphology +   
abnormal syndesmosis morphology +  
agnathia +   
jaw cyst +   
jaw transformation +   
retrognathia +   
syngnathia +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal dento-alveolar joint morphology ;   abnormal dento-alveolar syndesmosis morphology ;   abnormal gomphosis morphology
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