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abnormal carotid canal morphology (MP:0030468)
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abnormal bony labyrinth +   
abnormal carotid canal morphology 
any structural anomaly of the passageway within the petrous temporal bone that transmits the internal carotid artery and sympathetic plexus; its inferior opening is the carotid foramen situated anteriorly to the jugular fossa and medially to the tympanic plate; the carotid canal is initially directed superiorly, then turns anteromedially to reach up to the petrous apex, runs within the petrous bone, and opens into the middle cranial fossa superior to the foramen lacerum
abnormal cranial foramen ovale morphology +   
abnormal foramen magnum morphology +   
abnormal foramen rotundum morphology +   
abnormal hypoglossal canal morphology +   
abnormal incisive canal morphology 
abnormal incisive foramen morphology 
abnormal infraorbital foramen morphology 
abnormal internal auditory canal morphology  
abnormal jugular foramen morphology 
abnormal mandibular canal morphology +   
abnormal mandibular foramen morphology +   
abnormal mental foramen morphology +   
abnormal optic canal morphology +   
abnormal oval window morphology +   
abnormal round window morphology +   
abnormal styloid process morphology +   
abnormal subarcuate fossa morphology +   
absent temporal bone petrous part  

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