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abnormal maxillary frontal process morphology (MP:0030301)
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abnormal infraorbital foramen morphology 
abnormal maxillary frontal process morphology  
any structural anomaly of the upward extension from the body of the maxilla which articulates with the frontal bone; the frontal process has a vertical ridge which constitutes the medial border of the orbit (anterior lacrimal crest); posteriorly it forms the lacrimal groove together with the lacrimal bone; superomedially it is in close contact with the anterior ethmoidal sinuses
abnormal maxillary shelf morphology +   
abnormal maxillary zygomatic process morphology +   
abnormal premaxilla morphology +   
absent maxilla  
long maxilla 
maxillary cyst  
maxillary retrognathia  
small maxilla +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal frontal process of the maxilla morphology ;   abnormal maxilla frontal process morphology ;   abnormal processus frontalis maxillae moprhology
Related Synonyms: abnormal nasal process of the maxilla morphology
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