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abnormal levator veli palatini muscle morphology (MP:0030294)
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abnormal levator veli palatini muscle morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the paired cylindrical muscle that forms a V-shaped sling behind and above the soft palate; it originates from the apex of the inferior surface of the petrous temporal bone and the medial rim of the auditory tube, and inserts into the palatine aponeurosis between the two heads of palatopharyngeus; it elevates and laterally deviates the soft palate; it also aids the tensor veli palatini in opening the auditory tube on swallowing to allow equalization of pressure between the middle ear and pharynx
abnormal palatopharyngeus muscle morphology  
abnormal tensor veli palatini muscle morphology +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal levator muscle of the soft palate morphology ;   abnormal levator muscle of the velum palatinum morphology ;   abnormal levator veli morphology ;   abnormal levator veli palatini morphology
Related Synonyms: abnormal levator palati morphology ;   abnormal musculus levator veli palatini
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