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abnormal mandibular foramen morphology (MP:0030234)
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abnormal carotid canal morphology 
abnormal chin morphology +   
abnormal cranial foramen ovale morphology +   
abnormal foramen magnum morphology +   
abnormal foramen rotundum morphology +   
abnormal hypoglossal canal morphology +   
abnormal incisive canal morphology 
abnormal incisive foramen morphology 
abnormal infraorbital foramen morphology 
abnormal internal auditory canal morphology  
abnormal jugular foramen morphology 
abnormal mandibular angle morphology +   
abnormal mandibular canal morphology +   
abnormal mandibular foramen morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the opening located on the medial surface of the ramus of the mandible that is the entrance to the mandibular canal; it transmits the inferior alveolar nerve, a branch of the posterior division of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve that supplies all the ipsilateral teeth up to the midline
abnormal mandibular ramus morphology +   
abnormal mandibular symphysis morphology +   
abnormal mental foramen morphology +   
abnormal optic canal morphology +   
abnormal oval window morphology +   
abnormal round window morphology +   
abnormal temporomandibular joint morphology +   
absent mandible  
large mandible +   
mandibular cyst  
mandibular hyperostosis  
mandibular retrognathia  
small mandible +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal inferior alveolar foramen morphology
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