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abnormal tubotympanic recess morphology (MP:0030227)
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abnormal auditory tube morphology +   
abnormal middle ear epithelium morphology +   
abnormal middle ear ossicle morphology +   
abnormal oval window morphology +   
abnormal round window morphology +   
abnormal stapedial artery morphology +   
abnormal tubotympanic recess morphology +   
any structural morphology of the elongate recess derived from the first pharyngeal pouch; its distal part contributes to the formation of the tympanic membrane, its proximal part elongates to form the auditory tube, and its cavity gives rise to the tympanic cavity and mastoid antrum
abnormal tympanic cavity morphology +   
abnormal tympanic membrane morphology +   
abnormal tympanic ring morphology +   
middle ear polyps  

Definition Sources:, MGI:anna

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