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abnormal abdominal muscle morphology  
abnormal cremaster muscle morphology  
abnormal epaxial muscle morphology  
abnormal extraocular muscle morphology +   
abnormal facial muscle morphology +   
abnormal hypaxial muscle morphology +   
abnormal hypodermis muscle layer morphology +   
abnormal multifidus muscle morphology  
abnormal neck muscle morphology +   
abnormal palatal taste bud morphology +   
abnormal palatine aponeurosis morphology  
abnormal pharyngeal muscle morphology +   
abnormal skeletal muscle fiber morphology +   
abnormal skeletal muscle fiber type ratio  
abnormal skeletal muscle glycogen level +   
abnormal skeletal muscle mass +   
abnormal skeletal muscle mechanoreceptor morphology +   
abnormal skeletal muscle triglyceride level +   
abnormal soft palate muscle morphology +   
any structural anomaly of any of the five paired muscles of the soft palate that play important roles in swallowing and breathing; these muscles include the tensor veli palatini, palatoglossus, palatopharyngeus, levator veli palatini, and the musculus uvulae muscles
abnormal tongue muscle morphology +   
abnormal tympanic cavity muscle morphology +   
absent skeletal muscle  
absent soft palate  
cleft soft palate +   
decreased satellite cell number  
decreased skeletal muscle fiber density  
ectopic skeletal muscle  
increased satellite cell number  
increased skeletal muscle fiber density  
short soft palate  
skeletal muscle degeneration +   
skeletal muscle fibrosis +   
skeletal muscle necrosis +   

Broad Synonyms: abnormal palatal muscle morphology
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