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abnormal cyst +     
abnormal alveolar process morphology +   
abnormal dental arch morphology +   
abnormal dentoalveolar joint morphology 
abnormal mandible morphology +   
abnormal maxilla morphology +   
adrenal gland cyst  
agnathia +   
atrium cyst  
biliary cyst  
bulbourethral gland cyst  
embryo cyst  
epididymal cyst  
epithelioid cyst +   
gastric cyst  
inguinal cyst 
inner ear cyst  
jaw cyst +   
presence of one or more saccular lesions lined with epithelium and contained within pathologically formed cavities in the jaw; also non-epithelial cysts (pseudocysts) as they apply to the jaw, e.g., traumatic or solitary cyst, static bone cavity, and aneurysmal bone cyst; true jaw cysts are classified as odontogenic or non-odontogenic
jaw transformation +   
kidney cyst +   
lip cyst 
liver cyst  
lung cyst  
lymphomesenteric cyst 
Meibomian gland cyst  
ovary cyst +   
pancreas cyst  
prostate gland cyst  
Rathke cleft cyst 
retrognathia +   
skin cyst +   
spina bifida cystica  
syngnathia +   
throat cyst 
thymus cyst  
thyroid gland cyst  
urinary bladder cyst  
uterus cyst  
vagina cyst 
vulva cyst 

Exact Synonyms: cystic jaw ;   cystic jaws ;   jaw cysts
Definition Sources: MESH:D007570, RDO:0005912

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