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abnormal buccinator muscle morphology (MP:0030151)
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abnormal anterior buccal gland morphology 
abnormal buccinator muscle morphology  
any structural anomaly of the thin quadrilateral muscle occupying the interval between the maxilla and the mandible at the side of the face that forms the anterior part of the cheek or the lateral wall of the oral cavity; it compresses the cheeks against the teeth and is used in acts such as blowing; it is an assistant muscle of mastication and in neonates it is used to suckle
abnormal depressor anguli oris muscle morphology  
abnormal eyelid muscle morphology +   
abnormal levator labii superioris muscle morphology +   
abnormal levator nasolabialis muscle morphology +   
abnormal masticatory muscle morphology +   
abnormal stapedius muscle morphology +   
abnormal zygomaticus muscle morphology +   
absent facial muscle +   
facial muscle atrophy  
facial muscle degeneration  
facial muscle hypoplasia +   
prominent cheeks  


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