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abnormal midface morphology (MP:0030095)
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abnormal chin morphology +   
abnormal face development +   
abnormal face shape +   
abnormal face size +   
abnormal facial muscle morphology +   
abnormal facial skin morphology +   
abnormal forehead morphology +   
abnormal midface morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the midface region which extends, superiorly, from the inferior orbital margin to, inferiorly, the level of nasal base; it is formed by the maxilla (upper jaw) and zygoma and cheeks and malar region; traditionally, the nose and premaxilla are not included in the midface
abnormal mouth morphology +   
abnormal nose morphology +   
abnormal paranasal sinus morphology +   
abnormal periorbital region morphology +   
abnormal snout morphology +   
facial cleft +   
increased facial tumor incidence +   
taut facial appearance 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal midfacial region morphology ;   midface abnormalities
Narrow Synonyms: midface malformation
Definition Sources: HP:0000309, PMID:19125436

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