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abnormal ear lobe morphology +   
abnormal ear position +   
abnormal ear shape +   
abnormal external auditory canal morphology +   
abnormal outer ear cartilage morphology +   
abnormal outer ear helix morphology  
abnormal outer ear skin morphology +   
absent outer ear +   
big ears  
bushy muzzle 
delayed ear emergence  
ear wound +  
early ear unfolding 
excessive ear growth 
floppy ears  
hairy ears 
excessive hair growth on the external ear; may involve the meatal opening, pinnae or external rim
long ears 
ossification of pinnae 
outer ear necrosis 
scaly ears  
short ears  
small ears +   
thick ears  

Exact Synonyms: auricular hypertrichosis ;   ear hypertrichosis ;   hairy pinna
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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