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decreased bone mineral density of vertebrae (MP:0021186)
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abnormal caudal vertebrae morphology +   
abnormal presacral vertebrae morphology +   
abnormal sacral vertebrae morphology +   
abnormal vertebrae development +   
abnormal vertebrae number +   
abnormal vertebrae shape +   
abnormal vertebral arch morphology +   
abnormal vertebral body morphology +   
absent vertebrae  
decreased areal bone mineral density  
decreased bone mineral density of femur  
decreased bone mineral density of humerus  
decreased bone mineral density of vertebrae +   
reduction in the quantitative measurement value of mineral content of bone in any of the bony segments of the spinal column
decreased volumetric bone mineral density  
hemivertebra +   
increased bone mineral density of vertebrae +   
occipital vertebra 
small vertebrae  
vertebral fusion +   
vertebral transformation +   

Exact Synonyms: decreased vertebrae bone mineral density ;   reduced BMD of vertebrae
Definition Sources: PMID:22446865

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