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abnormal secondary ovarian follicle morphology (MP:0021106)
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abnormal granulosa cell morphology +   
abnormal mature ovarian follicle morphology +   
abnormal ovarian follicle number +   
abnormal ovarian folliculogenesis +   
abnormal primary ovarian follicle morphology +   
abnormal primordial ovarian follicle morphology +   
abnormal secondary ovarian follicle morphology +   
any structural anomaly in a maturing ovarian follicle that has two or more layers of granulosa cells but lacks antra
abnormal tertiary ovarian follicle morphology +   
abnormal theca cell layer morphology +   
ovarian follicular cyst  
polyovular ovarian follicle  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal folliculus ovaricus secondarius morphology ;   abnormal pre-antral follicle morphology ;   abnormal preantral follicle morphology
Definition Sources: UBERON:0000036

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