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abnormal circulating LDL triglyceride level (MP:0021047)
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abnormal circulating HDL cholesterol level +   
abnormal circulating HDL phospholipid level +   
abnormal circulating HDL triglyceride level +  
abnormal circulating LDL cholesterol level +   
abnormal circulating LDL phospholipid level +  
abnormal circulating LDL triglyceride level +  
any anomaly in the amount of the complex of low density lipoproteins, small (18-25 nm) and low density (1.019-1.063 g/ml) particles, and triglyceride in the blood, plasma, or serum
abnormal circulating VLDL cholesterol level +   
abnormal circulating VLDL phospholipid level +   
decreased circulating triglyceride level +   
increased circulating triglyceride level +   

Definition Sources: CHEBI:17855, CHEBI:39026, PMID:8301098

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