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abnormal parotid gland myoepithelium morphology (MP:0014199)
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abnormal parotid excretory duct morphology +  
abnormal parotid gland acinus morphology  
abnormal parotid gland myoepithelium morphology 
any structural anomaly of the stellate-shaped contractile cells with long dendritic processes that surround the secretory acini and intercalated ducts of the parotid gland, usually found in the glandular epithelium as a thin layer above the basement membrane but generally beneath the luminal cells; they display features of both smooth muscle and epithelium, such as numerous microfilaments with focal densities in the cytoplasmic processes, and desmosomes which attach them to the epithelial cells; their functions include contraction when the gland is stimulated to secrete, compressing or reinforcing the underlying parenchymal cells, thus aiding in the expulsion of saliva and preventing damage to the other cells
abnormal parotid intralobular duct morphology +  
absent parotid gland  
decreased parotid gland size  
increased parotid gland size  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal parotid gland basket cell morphology ;   abnormal parotid gland myoepithelial cell morphology ;   abnormal parotid myoepithelial cell morphology ;   abnormal parotid myoepithelium morphology
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